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1 For 1: Military & First Responder Program

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A No B.S. Approach To Breathwork
Our Science-Based Program Includes:
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Calming Tactics

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not Exactly. The science is clear that breathwork is an extremely effective way to control our Nervous System. In this program, we approach breathwork from the practical & tactical perspective, instead of the meditative perspective (although that’s great, too!)

Nope. We put together practical and tactical options that are easy to do any time, any where. You can choose to do longer sessions, but three Breaths before you walk in the boardroom will do it!

These techniques are great for anyone who is still breathing. That being said, we mainly focus on Military, First Responders, High Achievers, and Badasses. But really, it is for anyone ready to take control of their lives again! 

Calming Tactics is about down regulating your system on demand. 
Fundamentals is about getting to the root causes of your anger, stress, anxiety, and working through them.
Instructor Certification is for those want to share the power of breathwork in a no non-sense sort of way to help those around them.

You could binge it all in an afternoon, but we highly recommend you take your time to learn and practice these tactics. That’s why we have the 7 Day Tactics Challenge after the Tutorials.

Each Day you will practice one specific Technique 3 times throughout the day in three minute sessions.

This allows you to practice the techniques, while simultaneously building the habit of breathwork!

Take Back Control Of Your Life
With These Practical & Tactical Techniques.
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